Permaculture Explorers: Changing Lives

Two of our Permaculture Explorers shared some feedback about how the project is changing their lives.

One of the women said that she went to Acornhoek to help a friend of hers sell veggies at a small stand, in the center of the market area.  As she was there, she started looking around at what the women were selling, what people were buying, and instead of thinking that she should open her own stall and sell what she is growing, she thought, “I should become the supplier to these women so they have organic vegetables to offer their customers”.  This is the kind of innovative thinking we are teaching the women to develop in our business classes.  So exciting to hear!  Women power in action!

The second story came from a woman who said when she wakes up in the morning and is feeling sick or unhappy, she goes out to her garden and looks at the beauty she sees there, and it makes her feel happy and healthy.  The power of nature to heal is becoming a felt experience for our group members.

All of  our team can see the transformation that is happening for each of the women and it makes us want to do more and be better!

Thank you to all of our supporters.  If you’d like to become part of this amazing work, please click on our Get Involved tab and add your love to the mix.


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