10 Trees

From supermarket-dependent village to flourishing food and medicine forest : this is the vision of 10 Trees. If every household in Orpen Gate Village has 10 productive trees/plants, hunger and nutritional diversity will be strongly addressed, community health will dramatically improve, as will general wellbeing and climate adaptation possibilities. 

Since 2019, The Centre for Women’s Independence has been running Permaculture Explorers, a year long program, training rural South African women in permaculture farming, business development, stress reduction and climate awareness. With the ZU team, 15 graduates of this program will now take up leadership positions to coordinate and implement 10 Trees. This will start with a mapping of productive plants in 165 households, followed by community permaculture education and decision making about which trees/plants each household wants to plant, to ensure a broad diversity of edible and medicinal plants. A joyous implementation of this regenerative project will follow with each household planting up to 10 trees in their yard.  

The 10 Trees Pilot Project launched on 1st June 2023 and will run for one year, with the first planting happening in September 2023. 

Sponsored by Project Biome, a regenerative vision and platform for Global Collaboration initiated by Zach Bush,  who states that “we understand that the universal path to a regenerative planet for all living things requires a realignment of the interrelated systems of water, soil, air, and human activities. Earth is a single living system, and we are part of it.”  Project Biome is a collaborative platform for non-profit, for-profit, and governmental organisations to align the multifaceted resources of science, activism, education, and innovation in soil, water, and air systems through aligned human systems.

The project is implemented by NPO/PBO Zingela Ulwazi Trust/The Centre for Women’s Independence, based in Limpopo Province South Africa.  Our main purpose is to initiate community development programs for women in under-resourced areas, to reduce poverty, to support women’s independence, and environmental health and custodianship.  We collaborate with local communities and organisations to create projects focused on resilience, leadership, creativity and prosperity.

In partnership with The Angamma Charitable Trust,  founded as a South African PBO directly benefiting the local communities whose land and resources we share. Angamma’s vision is to build collaboration that will create pathways of hope and opportunity towards a sustainable society that benefits future generations of all cultures.

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