“The hunger is gone at my house. I’m happy and my kids are happy” – Florah

Permaculture Explorers is a program synthesizing business development training and permaculture education, for rural South African women who wish to lift themselves above the international extreme poverty line. The first year completed March, 2020, and a new group of 22 women started in May 2020, adhering to  Covid19 regulations and recommendations .

Congratulations to the Graduates of our 2019-2020 program! We applaud the high level of your work and the tremendous success you made our Graduation Ceremony!

Do you want to make a difference?

Zingela Ulwazi means

“Hunt for Wisdom”

in isiZulu


We are a Non-Profit Organisation based in Limpopo Province, South Africa.  Our mission is to enable access to critical information to improve lives and custodianship of nature in rural South Africa. 

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