Permaculture Explorers Team up to Build Tower Garden

This week’s Permaculture class included the first lesson on Climate Change–what is it and what does it look like in South Africa?  The women all understood the concepts from their felt experiences of already living with hotter temperatures, more days of very hot weather, unpredictable rainfall, and extreme weather events.  Every Climate Change lesson has an Action Step they can take to adapt to or mitigate climate change.  This week’s action is Plant Trees!  Everyone got another 10 spekboom trees to plant in their gardens, thanks to our partner organization, Hlokomela!

They also each got about 50 seedlings to plant in their eco circles and learned how to build a tower garden.

Everyone pitched in and there was singing and dancing and a lot of laughter.





The women all have the opportunity to earn a tower garden for their homes.  By attending class, doing the homework each week, and participating in the experiments, they earn points that can be cashed in for rewards to improve their gardens.  You can tell by the joy on their faces that they LOVE being a Permaculture Explorer!

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