Permaculture Explorers Embark on New Adventures

In the latest two classes of Permaculture Explorers, climate change and math review were featured. Everyone is learning about what climate change is, how it is affecting South Africa, and what can we do to mitigate and adapt to it.  The course has 13 suggested action steps that will be implemented throughout the class.

This week’s action step was Recycle!  We did a walking tour of 8 of the participants’ homes to see how they are doing in their garden, and to strengthen the power of observation about what resources are available and what challenges they are having with their gardens.  As we walked, we picked up all recyclables and litter and engaged in a community cleanup .

In the business class, everyone received a solar calculator and began reviewing and learning math that they need for their business–addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions and percentages.  Some of the women have never learned basic math or used a calculator.  They gave it their undivided attention and everyone was able to understand the addition and subtraction and use their calculators to solve math problems.  We brought in a guest teacher, Emerencia Mohlolo, who was an incredibly patient and skilled educator.  We are so grateful for her contributions.  She will be with us for the next two business classes to continue working with the women on math.  NO ONE will be left behind!

Emerencia Mohlolo teaching maths in the business class

The women are also continuing to work on their business ideas in preparation for doing their prototyping and working on their business plans.  Everyone is very excited about all they are learning and about what is growing in their gardens already!  If you’d like to get involved in our work, click on the Get Involved tab and join us!

Pretty Moeng with her eco-circle

Renky Mabuye with her eco-circle, in true permaculture style, working with what we have to make a fence.

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