One hour can transform a garden

Our Permaculture Explorers class last week, held at Agreement’s house, was incredible.  First, the women learned how to make liquid manure (compost tea).  They start with a 20L bucket and an empty citrus bag.  They fill the bag with manure and tie it on a rod inside the bucket.  Then the bucket is filled with water and the lid put on for it to “steep”.  This usually takes about 2 weeks.  Then they have a potent, natural fertilizer to put on their garden!  
Once the tea was made we moved to the garden to see what needed to happen.  Agreement’s plot is on the downward side of a slope from her neighbor’s house.  When it rains, the water rushes down the slope and washes out her garden beds.  So in one hour, we redesigned her garden area and created a mandala garden bed, that will capture and channel the rainwater so the plants can use it.  There was a lot of clearing, soil movement, adding chicken manure and then planting.  The final step was covering it all with mulch.  What a transformation!  Agreement was ecstatic, with a whole new crop of onion, beetroot, tomato, spinach and cabbage planted.  

The work of many hands is powerful.  We’ll get back to you and let you know how it grows!

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