Permaculture Explorers Start Business Training

Saturday was the first of our business development classes.  We began by discussing what an entrepreneur is, what an ecopreneur is, and did an overview of entrepreneurship and what it takes to be a successful business owner.  We had a discussion about working as as group, supporting each other’s learning, and putting to rest any grudges or tensions among group members.

The women then worked in small groups to create a drawing showing the qualities of their ideal woman entrepreneur. They all really enjoyed it and will be talking with their families before next class, to get their input on additional qualities that make a successful business woman.  They will also begin surveying the community to see what their needs are, and what is missing that could be filled by a new business, in preparation for coming up with their business idea.

Thank you to Ekurhuleni Centre for Orphans and Vulnerable Children for making their space available and for the delicious fetkoek!  We all enjoyed them.  Stay tuned to see what we do next time!  This week is Permaculture Education!


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