Permaculture Explorers are Back in Business!

Our business class took off again after the Easter holidays.  The women all shared their drawings of their ideal Woman Ecopreneur after talking with their families and getting additional input.

We started our Reward system where the women can earn points that can be redeemed for items for their gardens.  Coming to class, doing homework, participating and doing the “experiments” all earn them points.  They were all quite excited to be on the way to earning their first reward–anything from a watering can to everything they need to develop a “tower garden”, gardening tools and Permaculture Explorers Tee shirts!

They all got solar calculators and we started the math review lessons that are so critical to them being able to keep records, determine pricing and know if they are making a profit or not.  We have a full spectrum of educational levels in the group so we will pair the more math seasoned students with those who have not had as much basic math instruction.  And we have called in another teacher to help out one on one, Emerencia Mohololo.

Agnes Rapau provided a cutting of Chaya Spinach for each woman.  Chaya is exceptionally drought tolerant, has a very high nutritional value, high resistance to pests and diseases, and stunning medicinal properties, particularly for diabetes and kidney problems.  This is our next plant experiment and everyone was very happy to receive their own start to plant in their home garden.

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