Our women are featured in a brand new podcast by one of the leading Permaculture Experts in the world!

Matt Powers is one of the top 11 Permaculture Experts in the world.  And he is an incredible human being with a huge heart and an infectious positivity and passion for life. He is the author of more than 15 books and has students from all over the world who take his 7 online courses.  He has 10s of thousands of followers on Twitter and other online platforms.  We have been following him for years and have reaped many benefits from his teachings.  In short, we LOVE MATT!

He just started a new podcast called “Permaculture is Life Changing:  Real Stories, Real Lives”.  We submitted some short stories from our Permaculture Explorers about how Permaculture has changed their lives.  We are featured in his first episode and a photo of our group is the cover for his podcast!

The entire podcast is wonderful but if you just want to hear the segment from Permaculture Explorers you can move the needle to 21:44 and listen from there. He was very moved by the short stories from our women.  When you listen you’ll hear his incredible heart coming through the broadcast. https://soundcloud.com/regenerativefuture/permaculture-is-life-changing-real-stories-real-lives

As if that weren’t enough, Matt sent us 5 of his books in ebook format to help us with our work.  Wooeee!!  We’re excited.

Thank you so much Matt.  Here’s the link to his website if you want to learn more about him or take his classes.  https://www.thepermaculturestu…We have made him an official Permaculture Explorer!

This is the photo of our Permaculture Explorers he used for the background of the podcast!

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