Donations among oceans

Donations among oceans

The monied At land tick

a box to be told stories,

Southern flickers

of a currency current Canary sung.


South to North money courses,

Can the currency current turn?

For extraction and how it now flows

is osmosis inverse and impossible.


Seas of pleas of charities

will build a golden ark to carry forth your cash,

And land on shore with mighty marketing splash

to send you a postcard, of a lovely posed photograph.


The winds trade whispers indirect

from someone whose ship passes at night,

No decisions of trajectory made on either side,

With just guilt submerged in debited terms.


So instead find a connection,

A network of affection,

Of reality built in solidarity

which reaches across oceans.


For money donations are perhaps

the only way we can do distant care,

Not to be spent by the international NGOs,

but by those living just right there.


Be part of and contribute to Winefride 4 Women:

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