Creating learning communities among people in rural areas who want to grow their own healthy,

sustainable food in harmony with the Earth.

When she was director of NPO Seeds of Light, Becky Harmon was one of the first to bring permaculture education to Acornhoek. There are now hundreds of permaculture home gardens and thriving school gardens contributing to the nourishment of this community.

In response to the already felt effects of climate change in poor rural communities, including mining affected communities in Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces, we intend to launch a Train the Trainer course. This is specifically tailored to South Africa and to each community according to their particular challenges and needs. Our learning community will be supported through online and mobile technologies. The Train the Trainer model develops permaculture experts within communities for easy scaleability.

Permaculture Explorers offers people in rural communities a practical, research based system that empowers them to grow their own foods and medicines locally. It helps to mitigate the world’s top problems – water scarcity, soil degradation, deforestation, pollution. It teaches people a sustainable way of being in relationship with the earth and all living beings, growing healthy food without chemicals or pesticides.

Permaculture Explorers are ready and waiting! We have a list of 4,800 eager Explorers already committed to the program from 15 rural communities. Please contact us about how to include this project in your CSI portfolio, or click the donate button to contribute directly.

Permaculture Explorers is situated in Mpumalanga and Limpopo provinces; the community sites are pinned above. 




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