I am in South Africa and would like to donate books – where do I send them to?
Zingela Ulwazi, Postnet Suite #38, Private Bag 3008, Hoedspruit, 1380

I am outside of South Africa and want to send books – how shall I do this?
Due to the extortionate DUTY charges levied on Not for Profit Organisations in South Africa, PLEASE DO NOT MAIL  any books to us, or we will be liable for crippling charges at the post office. OUCH! Rather email us, and we will make another arrangement.

I want to send a book  that is not on the wishlist, but I KNOW it will be well received. Is this ok?
Absolutely! If you want to buy it online, please do so via Kalahari.co.za to avoid those pesky duty charges.

I don’t have time to go through the wishlist or sort through my books – can I send you money and you do the work for me?
With pleasure. Please click on the DONATE button and let us know of any special requests that might apply to your donation.

I want to help! What can I do?
Please see our GET INVOLVED  page. We welcome donations and collaborative fund-raisers.

I have SKILLS that could contribute to Zingela Ulwazi! Who should I talk to?
Please contact Stella Horgan: stella@zingelaulwazi.org.za

I am also working to improve South Africa’s libraries and access to information – can we talk?
YES PLEASE, fellow traveler! Lets talk. Please contact Stella: stella@zingelaulwazi.org.za

Is my donation tax deductable?
Our Section 18A status is pending, which means that South African donors will be eligible for tax deduction. We are partnering with a US charity and so will be eligible for 501(c) status, which means your dollar donation will be tax deductable too. Please email us if you’d like a receipt: info@zingelaulwazi.org.za