Future Proof Enterprise Leaders for Africa

Future Proof Leaders (FPL) is a unique 16-week workshop combining skills development that leaders need to navigate the demands of the 21st century, with practically focused enterprise development training. Leaders emerge with an investor ready business plan, a new set of critical thinking skills and a fresh, creative, flexible way of interacting with the world and supporting their communities.  According to the report published by the SEED Initiative in 2012, successful social and environmental ventures must:  be appropriate for the needs and capacities of the local community, fully engage community members in the research and development, and demonstrate strong leadership and innovative leadership style.  FPL takes all of these factors into consideration in its design and implementation.

Why is this needed?

1. Unrelenting Poverty

With an 80-85% unemployment rate in Acornhoek, Mpumalanga, our first Future Proof Leaders Development Area, sustainable livelihood is critically important for people to lift themselves out of unrelenting poverty.

2. Shifting out of dependency

Enterprise development integrated with leadership development grows autonomous, creative people who can trust themselves, and who can locate value within their own being. Self-actualized leaders are not dependent on external indicators to determine their lives and are engaged in breaking the spell that they are victims to circumstance. Our baseline philosophy ensures that participants shift out of dependency.

3. New leadership skills are critical for adapting to a rapidly changing world

Instead of reacting to the uncertainties of life, FLP trains people to respond and innovate around challenge. For two years, Stella Horgan has been working with members of the Acornhoek Leadership Forum to develop their skills and knowledge. Most leaders are interested in developing a For Profit Enterprise or a Not-for-Profit project. Leadership and enterprise skills are critical for the success for either of those.

4. Don’t wait for the government to do it!

Widespread questioning of leadership in our country means that citizens are looking for mechanisms to effect change in their communities that are outside political affiliations.  We cannot always effect change from above, therefore, vigorous, wise and passionate grassroots leadership is necessary for communities to take steps to meet their own needs, and to create solutions to challenges that are community led and relevant to their area.

5. South Africans need Inspiration

Andrew Du Bring stated that leadership is “the ability to inspire and stimulate others to achieve worthwhile goals.” Our enterprise/leadership model puts strong emphasis on critical thinking and organisational strategies that transcend traditional hierarchies, where every individual is inspired to be a leader and to bring the wholeness of themselves forward in a fully self responsible and deeply satisfying way.

6. Be a Custodian

Core to our philosophy is a recognition of the assets we do have, as well as to recognise our context that requires our custodianship. FPL is highly attuned to the environmental crisis we currently find ourselves in. We believe urgent attention is needed to mitigate the effects of climate change and natural world mismanagement. Our enterprise model is based on conservation principles, with a baseline of green enterprise.

In addition, we strongly encourage development of Cultural Enterprise such as art, music and dance production and the multiple benefits this offers to citizens, who discover through the art making process the rich inner resources that exist within each human, and the creative thinking that is developed through the artistic process.

Future Proof Leaders is in the final stages of development. Please contact us for more information.

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